Management system and self monitoring program

We believe in the framework of management system to build a sustainable social labour compliance and strive to move beyond the local law and external codes. We proactively conduct regular self-monitoring to identify any concern, issue or non-compliance in the practice and improve our selves from the result. Plan-Do-Check-Act is the approach that we use to establish the procedures we need to have in place, then implement, continuously monitor and improve.


Training is the key aspect to embed all the standards to implementation in each employee, we periodically train all employees in the factory on the Social Labour standard. We have started train all our employees with social labour procedure using train-the-trainer method in 2016. There have been 3 cycles of training until 2020 focusing on different topics starting from working hours, compensation and benefit, prohibition of forced labour, non-discrimination and anti-harassment, to grievance. In the last cycle in 2019, we have trained around 13,000 employees for the topic of Grievance.

Making generous donations to deserving causes

Every year, TAL Apparel makes significant contributions to non-profit organizations, local authorities, schools and various industry collaboration projects.